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Hello, my name is Shelandos, owner of God's Flavor Apparel. Our motto here is "Change your way of Thinking, and God will Change your way of Living" We are on a mission to help individuals realize their full potential of having a relationship with Christ.

One has to realize that when you're walking with Christ the spirit is within the soul. Your life should be characterized about who you stand for, which is Jesus Christ. We're here to help you represent The Love for Christ, so therefore Taste and See that the Lord is good: Psalm 34:8. In order to understand Christ, you have to taste it for yourself, it's not a flavor you can taste with the flesh. This flavor is deep down in the soul, and its all yours if you want it. I guarantee you, you won't ever want another taste in your soul. Try It for yourself.

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"Great Company"

This was one of the best feeling tshirts that I own. Not only good Quality but also the price was unparalleled. The owner is a brilliant master at creating new and inspiring clothes! If you’re reading this review then please place your order today, you won’t be disappointed!

- Sankirk

amazing quality & Fit

This is one of many items I have ordered and have been so impressed with each and every one. They all wash well and hold their shape and color! This hoodie is so soft, my absolute favorite!

- Jennifer


The shirts I bought from her have been worn several times and have definitely been put through the Pepsi challenge, and still standing strong. It would be a sin not to buy the Christian swag she creates.

- Micha