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Our Story

Hello visitor. My name is Renee, owner of God's Flavor Apparel. We are so thrilled that you decided to take a peep in. I started this business in 2019. I actually called it Boss Flavor at that time, because I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted to make money. I was posting pictures with females laying on top of their money, females holding money in their hands, just a lot of pictures about females and money. I realized that life is not just about making money.

In 2020, during the pandemic, God spoke to me and asked, "why are you posting pictures about money, when your focus is supposed to be on me". When I heard this, everything changed. My entire mindset changed. Actually, the entire world changed. I had to get my priorities in order. I'm not here to focus on making money. I'm here to help someone change their lifestyle, I'm here to help someone change their way of thinking, I'm here to help someone that has lost their way and having a hard time finding their way back to Christ. I'm here to Pray for someone that is in need of Prayer, so therefore, I had to stop posting pictures about women and money, and post pictures about Christ, and what it means to walk with HIM. THANK YOU, HOLY SPIRIT

God's Flavor is a trendy, Christian T-Shirt Company designed for both men and women. We're here to help encourage anyone that believes in Christ and wants to experience the Goodness of God. Psalm 34:8 O' TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD, is definitely a very powerful scripture. So many of us taste with the flesh, but only a few can actually taste with the Holy Spirit. You have to taste the goodness of God, then allow the Holy Spirit to marinate in your soul, so you can activate it in your life.

God's Flavor wants to draw your attention to Christ and let everyone know that the Flavor of God is Fruitful, and HIS FLAVOR is in our HEART, and SOUL. We can Grow and Glow together in Jesus's name.

We also want to encourage the younger generation that the Love of God is right there with them at all times. So many of our children are not being taught about Christ, so therefore they're lost in the world, and they don't know how to turn to God for help. As an adult it's our duty is to Pray and teach them who Christ is.

As long as God's light is shining on the inside, it can't help but to shine on the outside. So, let's SHINE TOGETHER, so we can BE BETTER.

We really do appreciate you for Stopping By and know that once you taste the flavor of God, you'll want to taste it over and over again. Thank You