Inspiration, Motivation, and Dedication. That's what todays Christian woman is about, especially when she's being a woman of God, a mom, a wife, and being her own boss. It can get a little overwhelming from time to time, but she know she has to Stay Focused on GOD because she has the Flavor of God within her Soul. The flavor brings out the extraordinary person that she is. No more being afraid to Shine. Beauty and Brains come in different ways, which should all be expressed. A very unique design will encourage the independent woman to do more, to speak more, to talk more about the Goodness of God, and where HE stands in her life. The immense confidence that come with a great design is immeasurable that your hard-work becomes a source of inspiration for many. Whether she is at the office, the gym, or just hanging around other Christian ladies, she will keep her FAITH and allow GOD'S FLAVOR to immerse in her Soul. She has a collection of amazing designs to inspire and express who she is today. SHE IS THE FLAVOR!!