Inspiring Designs For The Modern Everyday Christ Followers

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Being a Christ follower can be hard, or it can be easy. It's entirely up to you. As a believer, we are expected to be fearless, confident, strong, knowledgeable, flourish, and still look gorgeous while selling products and putting God first in our Lives. We are perfecting ALL of these expectations while allowing GOD to Lead the Way, because GOD is THE WAY.

It can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes, but it's definitely possible. There are times when it can be as simple as adding a bit of flavor to inspiring designs to help us enjoy our walk with Christ. We have to express ourselves more to the public eye.

The FLAVOR brings out the extraordinary person that God has created. Beauty and Brains come in different ways, which should all be expressed. A very unique design will encourage the independent individual to do more and speak up more about who Christ is to him, or her. The immense confidence that come with a great design is immeasurable that your hard work becomes a source of inspiration for many.

Whether you are at the office, the gym, or just among other believers. God's Flavor has a collection of amazing designs to inspire and express who you are today, because YOU ARE THE FLAVOR, and GOD HAS FAVOR IN YOU. SO, STAND TALL, BE BOLD and GIVE IT YOUR ALL!!